About peak wills and estate planning

Guess what? Without a will, EVERYTHING you have spent your whole life working for may not end up where you’d want it to be when you die, because we’re all going to go at some point. All of us.

Long gone are the times of solicitors in suits and ties, dark rooms, and outdated practices. We are proud to offer a fresh and dynamic approach to the stuffy old world of wills and estate planning. It’s that exact stuffiness that’s probably putting so many people off from sorting out something that is incredibly important. We are shaking things up.

Having a proper conversation with someone easy to talk to, that knows what they are doing, who are members of the Society of Will Writers and BEST and who are award winning and nationally recognised finalists for industry awards, with heaps of 5-star reviews. All our appointments are arranged at a convenient time for you, either at our Peak HQ with the office dogs, a home visit or over video call and at no upfront cost may sound too good to be true – but it really isn’t.

Everyone should have the opportunity to discuss their options and have the relevant tools to make informed decisions. At Peak Wills and Estate planning we are passionate about providing a 5-star service to every single one of our customers.

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Let's get talking about death off the life admin to-do list

Our Core Values

Everyone is Family

Every client will be treated as members of our Peak Family for life. At the heart of everything we do is ensuring you receive our 5-star customer service.

Glass half full

Providing peace of mind can be a positive experience in a relaxing and comfortable setting. Talking about what happens when you die no longer needs to be a negative experience...its not all doom and gloom!

Remember to Live

No jargon, simple processes and flexibility make talking about death easier – allowing you more time to do the things you love and to enjoy living. Memento Mori!!!!

Estate planners

Meet Sam

Established in 2020 and based in the heart of Derbyshire, we are passionate about changing the way we view death and key to that are our team of dedicated estate practitioners.

Meet Sam, our head Estate Planner :

I love my job! I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many brilliant people and I get to help them complete what is often a job that has been sat at the bottom of the life-admin to do pile for too long. A 5-minute phone call or a couple of hours in a local beer garden, really prove to be invaluable not only to all of our clients but their loved ones too.

I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to discuss wills and any further necessary planning. Our modern approach to peace of mind means that it no longer needs to be a taboo topic.

One of my favourite quotes is from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone when Dumbledore says ‘ “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” I am passionate about ensuring I make the most of all opportunities at Peak, and outside of the office. When I’m not at work I love a good holiday and have an ever-growing bucket list! I would also be playing football most the time if it wasn’t for a pair of dodgy knees, so more time is now spent watching the mighty Rams or down the pub with friends. I also really enjoy throwing on the walking boots and going for a good ramble, exploring the great outdoors, I recently completed the West Highland Way, and I am looking to tick some more trails off the list soon”

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